Children’s Hospital HEROES Clinic

  • Educated families on healthy diets to reduce BMI for overweight and obese children
  • Helped in exercising activities for children within the Clinic
  • Assisted in documentation, findings, and organizing four poster publications done for the Clinic
    •  “From Selfies to Self-Efficacy: Clinical Use of Photovoice to Promote Self-Esteem Among Obese Adolescents” (2014)
    • “Strength in Photos: Using the Photovoice Project to Promote Self-Image for Teens of the HEROES Clinic” (2014) 
    • “Base Pair Variant in the MC3R Gene: Clinical Presentation Before and After Bariatric Surgery Intervention” (2016)
  • Presented Photovoice Posters in Boston for Obesity Week 2014
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