Fordham College Rose Hill

  • Psychology Major, Digital Technology and Emerging Media Minor, Pre-Health Program
  • Class of 2019
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Children’s Hospital HEROES Clinic

Research Assistant and Volunteer June 2013 -August 2016 Omaha, NE

  • Educated families on healthy diets to reduce BMI for overweight and obese children
  • Helped in exercising activities for children within the Clinic
  • Assisted in documentation, findings, and organizing four poster publications done for the Clinic
    •  “From Selfies to Self-Efficacy: Clinical Use of Photovoice to Promote Self-Esteem Among Obese Adolescents” (2014)
    • “Strength in Photos: Using the Photovoice Project to Promote Self-Image for Teens of the HEROES Clinic” (2014) 
    • “Base Pair Variant in the MC3R Gene: Clinical Presentation Before and After Bariatric Surgery Intervention” (2016)
  • Presented Photovoice Posters in Boston for Obesity Week 2014
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University of Nebraska Medical Center

In Vitro Colon Cancer Research Assistant June –August 2014, 2015, 2016 Omaha, NE

  • Summer research assistant in an in vitro Colon Cancer Lab 
  • Created gels, passaged cells, investigated different genes and enhancer regions that possibly evolves cancer from Stage Two to Stage Three 
  • Presented yearly findings and progress twice during each summer in the lab 
  • Mentored two lab research assistants on investigating genetic regions of cancer (2016)
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Fordham University Sociology Department

Research Assistant September 2016- May 2017 Bronx, NY

  • Participate in Underground Market Research collecting in vivo primary data in four boroughs within New York City, recording where money was distributed without taxation
  • Analyze if cigarettes were sold from other states for tax evasion, wrote findings for the poster, and presented and Fordham University Undergraduate Research Symposium 
    • "Measuring the Illegal Cigarette Market in New York City" (2017)
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Nichole Corrina Bainer

Social Media and Photography Intern June 2017-Present Manhattan, NY

  • Photograph images for a fashion consulting company
  • Manage social media including Facebook and Instagram 
  • Develop short form content on sustainability in the fashion domain
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Little España

Restaurant Employee April 2015 -August 2015 Omaha, NE

  • Worked as a waiter, cooking assistant, and bus boy in a small, local restaurant
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MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care

Volunteer November 2016 -Present Bronx, NY

  • Assist in documentation within the Hospice Facility for employee hours and budget within the facility 
  • Visit terminally ill patients and family members to give companionship and comfor
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Fordham University Social Innovations Collaboratory

Sustainability Food Practicum Member January 2017-Present Bronx, NY

  • Active participation in the Fordham Dining Community during the semesters                     
    • Observe environmental models such as composting within Rodrigues Coffeehouse and St. Roses Garden with proposing possible pilot projects in different systems                     
    • Propose sustainable and dietary suggestions to the Fordham University Marketplace 
  • Produced a survey to receive feedback from in-campus dining
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Rodrigues Coffeehouse

Member September 2016 -Present Bronx, NY

  • Work in the Fordham University coffeehouse as a barista preparing coffee and other drinks
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Fordham Student Culinary Council

Community Feedback Council Member October 2015 –April 2016 Bronx, NY

  • Received feedback from university undergraduates of in-campus dining and would participate in the group to see what recommendations we would propose to the Sodexo Dining Services 
  • Attended events the committee held in the Marketplace
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Fordham University Psychology Department

Psychology Lab Translator June 2017 Bronx, NY

  • Employed as a Spanish Translator for a Graduate Student's research on Adolescent Psychology 
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Fordham Experimental Theatre

Light and Sound Technician September 2015- May 2016 Bronx, NY

  • Assist in stage, sound, and light design
  • Assist as a lighting, sound, and projector technician during comedy nights, slam poetry, playwrights, and shows
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